About Us

Who We Are

Our passionate team was founded in 1993 and our knowledge and expertise continues to grow. We focus on continually improving our technologies to strive for excellence and evolving our internal processes to improve our client service experience. We believe in collaboration across our internal teams, with our many valuable corporate and education institutional partners, and with our clients who help shape our innovative solutions.

Advanced Measurement & Analysis Group Inc. (AMAG) is a specialized engineering diagnostic service provider. Our mission is to provide exceptional diagnostic services and assist industrial facilities in measuring and monitoring their performance via our uniquely accurate CROSSFLOW™ Clamp-on Ultrasonic Non-Intrusive Flow Meter.

We are best known for measuring flow of liquids non-intrusively at nuclear power plants around the world. Our non-intrusive, clamp on meters allow for measuring flow in pipes in high temperature, high radiation areas with accuracy to within ±0.3%. This high level of accuracy provides our clients with the confidence to maximize electrical output, while maintaining appropriate levels of safety margin.

Our Team

Ronald Quinsay

Molecular Genetics and Molecular Biology Diploma at University of Toronto

Ron joined our team in 1995 as a Production Technician, over his tenure with AMAG he has worked in almost every aspect of the business from software development to field execution. In 2017 Ron took on his most recent role of President, where he oversees the strategic business operations and ensures our vision aligns with the board of directors. He is highly involved in resource management, cross-functional team leadership, and new business development, but is always happy to assist our team in the field.

  • Leadership 
  • Research and Development Vision
  • Strategic Partnership Management

David joined the AMAG team in 2018 as our COO and has made great improvements in our overall project execution. He continues to play a key role in the strategic planning and managing of our day-to-day operations. 

  • Strategic Planning
  • Leadership
  • Operational Management

David Choat

Chief Operating Officer
B.Sc Applied Physics University of Lancaster and MBA Open University

David Zobin

Vice President of Engineering
Ph.D. in Physics from McGill University

David has long been a partner and advisor to AMAG, since our inception in 1993. In July 2016 David joined as our VP of Engineering to oversee our engineering team and product development. With over 40 years experience in the nuclear field David is recognized as one of the leading North American experts in reactor power measurements, calibration & compliance, as well as thermal performance monitoring & improvement. His expertise contributes greatly to AMAG. 

  • Research and Development
  • Process Improvement
  • System Development
Tanya joined our team in 2000 as the Human Resources Manager and has assisted the organization in aspects ranging from Human Resources to Product Management and Operations over her tenure. As our VP of Marketing & Business Development, she has a focus on client relations and crafting custom solutions to the meet the needs of any client with flow measurement requirements.

  • Account Management
  • Solution Selling
  • Business Development

Tanya Bodiroga

Vice President of Marketing & Business Development
Business Administration, Marketing Diploma, McMaster University
OCNI Board of Directors, Board Secretary

Our Story

AMAG (Advanced Measurement & Analysis Group Inc.) was founded in 1993 by a group of specialists with extensive experience in plant design, operations and in developing technologies used to provide technical support in the power industry related to plant performance monitoring, diagnostics and improvement. 

Our team includes specialists in the areas of fluid mechanics, statistical and data processing, plant performance modeling and monitoring as well as design, development and testing in software, electronics and ultrasonics.

We specialize in providing flow measurement solutions by supplying non-intrusive, clamp-on, accurate flow and temperature measurements based on cross-correlation principal resulting in significant improvements in the power industry world wide.

Our Partners

We work with top industry professionals to continuously improve our products and services to suit our client needs. We strive to create custom solutions to ensure we provide the best service by partnering with companies worldwide to create an all-encompassing experience.