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Flow Measurement & Performance Optimization

Since 1993 AMAG has provided high accuracy, clamp-on flow measurement services worldwide and assisted our clients in achieving optimal performance within regulatory limits. Book a free consultation now to discover how we can help you achieve optimal performance.

Quick, reliable, repeatable volumetric flow measurement accuracy within ±0.3%
Creating custom solutions for all client flow and temperature monitoring needs since 1993
Operating temperature capabilities from 0°C to 650°C (32°F to 1250°F) with no effect from temperature variation on meter accuracy

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AMAG provides exceptional diagnostic services and assists industrial facilities in measuring and monitoring their performance within numerous applications. Our most common applications can be found here, but we offer custom solutions for any and all flow measurement needs.

Flow Measurement

CROSSFLOW™ Ultrasonic Clamp-on Flow Meter measures any liquid’s volumetric flow rate to as low as ±0.3% uncertainty.

Temperature Measurement

CORRTEMP™ Ultrasonic Clamp-on Temperature Meter measures the temperature of liquid in a pipe to within .5°C*.

*Within .5°C accuracy between 0 ºC to 65 °C (32°F to 149°F) and 85 to 650 °C (185°F to 1202°F)

Success Stories

“With AMAG’s Crossflow and Corrtemp ultrasonic meters our company has increased production by around 1%. Not only have their services provided increased revenue, but their team supported us throughout all project stages. Even though they are in another time zone, they always respond quickly and find an answer every time we need their help.”

Reactor Engineering &
Results Manager
Western Europe

“AMAG’s Crossflow and Corrtemp ultrasonic meters have saved our company significant revenue from lost generation through megawatt recovery by correcting feedwater nozzle fouling. Our recent system upgrade provided many benefits, including faster processing speed.

As a client since 2005, AMAG has always demonstrated a high level of customer service, and strong technical expertise. They are extremely responsive to customer needs and always willing to do whatever they can to support the customer, whether an upgrade project, troubleshooting and maintenance of a legacy system, training, or just general questions. They are also a very technically strong team in support of their hardware and software which drives their excellent customer service.”

IT Manager
Midwest USA Utility Provider
0 yrs
Servicing clients in Canada, USA, South America, Europe, and Asia for nearly 30 years
0 MWe
400Mwe Recovered to date​
0 °C
Operating temperature capabilities from 0°C to 650°C with no effect of temperature variation on meter accuracy​