Accurate Feed Water Flow Measurement

Power Recovery - perform periodically or continuously to monitor for instrument drifts such as due to fouling. Most common problem encountered is that due to fouling where deposits affect the on-line instrumentation indication.  For example, the effect of fouling on venturi is to give higher flow indication than true flow resulting in reduced plant output. By comparing with accurate flow measurement such as  CROSSFLOW, the plant can calibrate the on-line instrumentation and recover the loss in the plant output.

Margin Uncertainty Recapture – normally on-line instrumentation are assigned an uncertainty value of +/-2%.  If a more accurate flow instrument such as CROSSFLOW is installed, it is possible to reduce this operating margin by a significant amount (e.g. 1.5%).  In this case, the operating margin is reduced from 2% to 0.5%. This results in increased plant output of 1.5%.

Equipment Limits – Due to limits on operating feed water flow rate, it is necessary to periodically measure the feed water flow accurately.

Turbine Warranty Testing

Warranty Turbine Testing – To ensure that the warranty is meet, it is necessary to perform the flow measurement as accurately as possible, preferably before and after the turbine upgrade. The baseline measurement before the upgrade provides accurate measure of the improvement due to warranty testing.

Reactor Coolant Flow Measurements

Feeder Flow or Blowdown Flow Measurements – Measurement of these parameters are normally difficult due to the harsh conditions (high temperature or radiation or both). Without accurate flow measurements, the allowed uncertainty will increase as a result of inaccurate flow measurements where on-line instrumentation are installed. The increased uncertainty could result in plant derating due to operating limits.

Other Flow Measurements

This would include service water flows, moderator flows and cooling water flows that may require accurate flow measurement to satisfy licensing compliance and/or operating limits.

Testing and Other Commissioning Support

Due to broad and extensive experience in power plants, AMAG has developed special instrumentation such as measuring the flux distribution of the reactor core during start up using fission chambers.

AMAG has also provided support to monitor dynamic response of self-powered nuclear detectors including design and development of special instruments for monitoring during the testing.