KINS Approved Crossflow Topical Report - Feeder Flow Measurement

In November  2008, following a detailed review of the CROSSFLOW Technology, KINS (Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety), approved a Topical Report that allowed the installation and the use of CROSSFLOW system to monitor the feeder flows in the CANDU Safety Channels in Wolsong Unit 4.

Typically, for CANDU reactors including the Wolsong reactors, these safety channels use on-line intrusive orifices to provide flow rate indication. Experience has shown these orifices are degraded due to erosion or deposits resulting in inaccurate flow measurements.

These installations require transducer assemblies that can withstand continuous high temperature and high radiation to withstand very harsh ambient conditions.  Operating experience based on over 100 installations has shown that the CROSSFLOW transducer assemblies can withstand and continue to operate reliably under these conditions.

CROSSFLOW systems has been installed in several CANDU plants since 1995 including Pt Lepreau, New Brunswick, G2, HydroQuebec,  Darlington Units 1-4, Ontario Power Generation. In January 2007, a CROSSFLOW system was installed in Wolsong Unit 4 and in October 2009, another CROSSFLOW system was installed in Wolsong Unit 3.