Who is AMAG?

AMAG (Advanced Measurement & Analysis Group Inc.), a Canadian high technology company, specializes in providing products and services that will result in significant improvement of plants in the power and process industry by supplying non-intrusive accurate flow and temperature measurements based on the cross-correlation technology.

The company, started in 1993, was founded by a group of specialists with extensive experience in plant operation and in developing technologies used to provide technical support mainly to the power industry related to plant performance monitoring, diagnostics and improvement. Besides extensive experience in the power industry, AMAG staff includes specialists in the areas of fluid mechanics, statistical and data processing, software design, development and testing, electronics design and development, ultrasonic transducer design and development, and plant performance modelling and monitoring.

Its main product, called CROSSFLOW is a non-intrusive ultrasonic cross-correlation based technology that can provide accurate and reliable flow measurement under harsh environment such as high temperature and radiation.  A related non-intrusive ultrasonic technology, called CORRTEMP, was also developed to measure temperature accurately under the same harsh conditions. 

What Makes Amag's Technology Unique?

  • The technology has been proven to be accurate, reliable and robust under very harsh conditions (high temperature and high radiation). Over 100 transducer assemblies have been installed in CANDU plants world-wide under these extreme conditions.

  • CROSSSFLOW and CORRTEMP systems have been installed in PWR, BWR and CANDU reactors for monitoring feed water, feeder, various other flows such as service water and moderator flows.

  • Since the technology is non-intrusive, no major modification to the plant is required. In many cases where the installation site is accessible during operation, the installation can be done on power and therefore there is no interruption to the plant operation.

Our Reach

The CROSSFLOW and CORRTEMP technology have been installed in several nuclear plants in North America, Europe, Eastern Europe and  Asia. The technology has been used to monitor instrumentation drift such as due to fouling in feed water venturis, both continuously and periodically. It has also been used to provide accurate flow measurements during warranty testing such as following turbine upgrades.

To-date the installation of the CROSSFLOW system has resulted in significant increase in plant output as a result of power recovery by calibrating on-line instrumentation that drift over time and also by reduce operating margin due to improve feed water flow accuracy.

Our Expertise

Our expertise includes specialists in various aspects related to flow measurements using the non-intrusive cross-correlation technology, both in design and application. This expertise includes staff with broad and in-depth experience in fluid mechanics, statistics, mathematics and data processing, electronics design and development, ultrasonic transducer design and development.

To ensure our capability to meet plant requirements, we also have staff with broad and in-depth experience in plant operation, plant performance modelling, monitoring, diagnostics and plant performance improvement. 

Our Alliances

Our alliances include companies with synergistic products and services to complement our current products and services. We are proud to be allied with various companies in North America, Europe and Asia.