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The Performance Enhancement Technology

AMAG is a high-tech Canadian company that provides several services related to improvement of plant performance in the power and process industry. The company was founded in 1993 by former utility employees with specialized experience over 20 years in plant performance monitoring and diagnostics.

Its main product is CROSSFLOW, a cross-correlation based non-intrusive ultrasonic flow measurement system that provides reliable and accurate flow measurement. In the power industry, the initial application of this technology was to provide independent method of monitoring and calibrating feed water flow. The main advantage of this technology is its ability to provide accurate and reliable flow measurement without major modification to the plant.  

Featured Projects

KINS Approved CROSSFLOW Topical Report

In November  2008, following a detailed review of the CROSSFLOW Technology, KINS (Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety), approved a Topical Report that allowed the installation and the use of CROSSFLOW system to monitor the feeder flows in the CANDU Safety Channels in Wolsong Unit 4. Read More.